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    Bilingual-Secretariat-and-A Business-Intelligence Computer-Maintenance-and-Ne Development-of-Management-A

    Graphics-and-Multimedia-Pro Virtualization-and-Cloud-Co Websites-and-Web-Applicatio

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    Welcome to Academy of Excellence website

    The Academy of Excellence offers a bold challenge: to train future managers encompassing education in an ethical vision of human been and of his commitment.Openness to the world, respect for the human been and the awareness of responsible work are all qualities developed by students of the Academy of Excellence.
    Our three golden rules are: integrity, honesty and responsibility.

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    Islamic-Micro-Finance  Management-of-Ethic-and-Isl 

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    Expertise-in-mediation-and-  Expertise-in-Mediation-Neg

  • humanitarian1


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    Administration-and-Manageme  International-Humanitarian-

  • logistic


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    Management-of-Logistics-Inf  Management-of-Technical-and

  • management2


    Our programs:


    Corporate-Communications HR Management-of-Innovative-Pr


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Monthly News

  • Our Monthly journal is a publication of the observatory of the enterprise and employment on a current topic, seminar, innovative technology. It may also be the presentation of students or business strategies to encourage our students for entrepreneurship projects, the creation and management of companies. Watch this space whenever you need to get the latest news from our academy.
    Monthly News
  • Le journal du mois est une publication de l’observatoire de l’entreprise et de l’emploi sur un thème d’actualité, un séminaire, une technologie innovante. Il peut aussi s’agir de la présentation des projets d’étudiants ou des stratégies d’entreprises pour inciter nos étudiants à l’entrepreneuriat, la création et le management d’entreprises. Consultez cet espace chaque fois que vous avez besoin pour avoir l’actualité de notre académie.
    Journal du Mois

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